Minutes of the April 1, 2013 Board of Trustees Meeting

Submitted by Michael Wright, Secretary

Ludy D’Angelo, Director
Michael Mitrano, Treasurer
Mike Wright, Secretary
Kate Otto, Program Chair
Surabhi Agarwal, Co-Chair 50th Anniversary Celebration Committee

This meeting was held via conference call to discuss the budget for the 50th Anniversary Celebration planned for May 11, 2013.

Kate opened the meeting by suggesting that the Board consider sponsoring the event by providing funds to cover some of the cost. Michael M. said that this should not be considered a sponsorship because a sponsorship is a fixed contribution with no risk. The club is at risk because it is required to cover any contractual costs such as the catering cost. Mike W. suggested that the Board consider this a contingency plan to allow the planning committee to make arrangements while sponsorships are collected. April 9 would be the last opportunity to obtain membership approval.

Kate and Surabhi explained the catering plans. No contracts have been signed. Quotes were solicited from several caterers acceptable to IAS. The best value was Main Streets in Princeton. They will provide a three course meal (salad, dinner and dessert with coffee service). Soft drink and alcoholic beverages are not included, but they will serve them if provided by the club. The cost is $80 per person. Michael M. questioned the minimum head count. The quote is based upon 100 attendees, but the minimum count and the impact if fewer members sign up needs to be discussed with Main Streets.

Ludy felt that the advertised registration fees are too low. Kate said that some members of the planning committee wanted to keep the event affordable for all members.

Kate said the plan is for registrations and sponsorships to cover all costs for the event so the club does not have to pay anything. As of April 1, $5,000 has been promised, including one member who has agreed to cover the cost of the Lifetime Achievement Award. The opportunities to get more sponsors are very good, but future donations cannot be guaranteed. Kate recommended that the club allocate $2500.

The following motion by Ludy and seconded by Michael M. passed unanimously:
The Board of Trustees recommends that an amount not to exceed $2,500 of the AAAP’s general funds be used for the 50th Anniversary Celebration to be held on May 11, 2013.

Michael M. noted that the AAAP outlay would be less than $2,500 if more than $5,000 in sponsorships are received. He noted the importance of actually receiving the sponsorship payments prior to signing contracts based on them.

The requirement and logistics of putting the recommendation to the membership’s vote at the April 9, 2013 meeting were reviewed. Mike W. will place a notice in the April Sidereal Times, send email reminders to members and bring a current roster to the business meeting. The vote will be the first item on the business meeting agenda.

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