From the Director

Ludovico D’Angelo, Director

Alert! Alert! Our next few meetings will not be at Peyton Hall! Since professors have first dibs on the Peyton Hall space, we have been dislodged temporarily from our usual meeting place. So in October, we will meet in McCosh 10. It was the only room available. It seats 350, so let’s try to fill it up. Our meetings after October will be in McCormick 101, which is much more like Peyton’s lecture hall.

We had a great time at the annual picnic on September 15th. There were about 30 club members and their families there. We had good food and clear observing for a time after it got dark. But of course, it started to cloud up, so we were only there until 9:30 or so. Thanks to Jim McHenry for bringing his grill out and to everyone who helped clean up afterwards.

Plans are under way to have a 50th anniversary celebration dinner at the Prospect House on the Princeton Campus. We hope to get things finalized by the next Board meeting on October 3rd. Volunteers to help plan are needed and appreciated. Please contact Kate Otto, Program Chair. Soon you will get more information on the event. If you know any past AAAPers who can contribute to Sidereal Times for our special issue in November and would like to attend the celebration dinner, please have them contact Michael Wright or Surabhi Agarwal at Please contribute your own remembrances, special events, experiences, and pictures.

This year, we were not able to secure the Hope Center for an October StarQuest. So it will be postponed until next year. They do have an opening in November during the new moon weekend. The Board decided not to reserve the space since we expect it will be too cold. If anyone still wants to do StarQuest in November (I know there are some cold weather amateurs out there), please contact me. If there is a critical mass of participants, then it may be doable. Of course, there will not be raffle prizes or speakers, but there will be food, fellowship, a warm lodge, and hopefully a clear dark sky.

We look forward to our next meeting on October 9th in McCosh 10. Our guest speaker is yet to be determined. Watch your email or the AAAP Facebook page for updates on the speaker.

See you on the 9th at 8:00 pm in McCosh 10!

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