From the Program Chair

Ken Levy, Program Chair

Dr. Mario Livio.  Photo Credit: Ken Levy

Dr. Mario Livio. Photo Credit: Ken Levy

Many thanks to Mario Livio for a great lecture on the latest scientific achievements of the Hubble Space Telescope to close the season.

It’s been a great experience serving as Program Chair. Great thanks to Ludy and all who helped with lecture suggestions and encouraging words. All the best to Kathleen Otto as she takes over as Program Chair for 2012-2013.

It may be the end of the lecture series but there are still many activities to keep us busy. Here are a few:

June 5 – Transit of Venus
AAAP and Princeton Astrophysics Open House:
Transit of Venus Observation
Transit of Venus NASA webcast
More on Transit of Venus

July 19 – Space Shuttle Enterprise takes up residency at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, NYC. Visit Intrepid Museum

Through August 12 – Beyond Planet Earth, curated by AAAP lecturer Mike Shara at the American Museum of Natural History

Every clear Friday night – Come to AAAP Washington Crossing for Observing the skies.

Current issue of Newsweek: cover story Welcome to the Multiverse by Brian Greene

…and many current books for summer reading such as Knocking on Heaven’s Door: How Physics and Scientific Thinking Illuminate the Universe and the Modern World by Lisa Randall

Have a great Summer and Clear Skies!

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