From the Director

Ludovico D’Angelo, Director

Spring is here, and with that our renewed club activities. Starting April 6th and running every Friday until the end of October, will be the AAAP open houses in our observatory at Washington Crossing State Park. Keyholders of the club will be manning our telescopes on those Friday nights if the sky is clear, and showing the celestial sites to the public. This is also an opportunity for those of you interested in being a keyholder to come out and become involved in our public outreach on those nights.

AAAP will be involved in two major events in April: our traditional Super Science Day at the  Trenton State Museum and Planetarium on April 21st and the Princeton Communiversity Day on April 28th. We will have a table set up at both events and will have solar telescopes to provide astronomy of our Sun. Please consider being part of these events by volunteering for a few hours on each of these days.

At our last meeting, I appointed Jim Poinsett as Nominations Chair to establish our next Board of Trustees per our bylaws. I am hoping that he has found many willing prospects for the next Board. His results will be part of our next meeting on April 10th.

Some other activities to keep on your calendar:

In May, we hope to have our AAAP Picnic for members and their families, and in June, we will gather at Baldpate Mountain on the fifth to witness the last Transit of Venus in our lifetimes. Also in June, we will be doing some sidewalk astronomy by the Princeton Public Library. Look for an announcement of dates in the coming months.

See you all in Peyton Hall on April 10th at8 p.m.

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