Treasurer’s Report

by Michael Mitrano, Treasurer

The AAAP’s fiscal year ends on June 30. An income statement that covers the year that has just ended was sent to members with the September issue of Sidereal Times.  It compares this year’s information with the previous fiscal year. Also shown are a balance sheet presenting our financial condition at the start and end of the year.

The AAAP’s income statement is broken down into four parts: the lecture program, the observatory expenses, StarQuest, and everything else (general operations.)

The Association had a strong surplus of nearly $2,300 this past year – in contrast with last year’s close-to-breakeven results. Several factors contributed to the good outcome:
• StarQuest generated a surplus this fiscal year, whereas it was cancelled the year before due to weather.
• Observatory repairs were modest this year, in contrast with the roof repairs we undertook a year ago.

Dues income decreased slightly and represents 88 members at year end versus 89 a year ago. Outreach contributions increased sharply.

These results increased our strong cumulative reserves, bringing them to about $20,600. We are well positioned to improve our facilities and programs.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any question about the AAAP’s finances.

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