Treasurer’s Report

by Michael Mitrano, Treasurer

Since my last report, dues payments have begun flowing in strongly.  To date we have 46 members paid up for the current fiscal year, totaling $1,840 in dues compared to the totals of $3,560 for all of last year and $4,147 for the year before.  If you have not sent in your dues, please do so.

StarQuest was a success financially as well as astronomically.  This fall’s event had a surplus – assuming that all expenses are in – of about $600 on revenues of $1,700.  This is close to the 2009 event’s results, where we had a $660 surplus on $1,900 revenue.  Thanks go to Ludy, the assistant chefs, and others who made StarQuest successful.

Other expenses thus far have been modest.  Later in the year we will incur our annual insurance expense, as well as an anticipated outlay for a new alarm system at the Washington Crossing observatory.

Our surplus for the fiscal year-to-date is approximately $2,000.  Our net assets on a cumulative basis are about $20,500.

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